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5 Quietest (Whisper Quiet) Ceiling Fans for Bedroom

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Being too hot at night is dreadful - it feels like you spend more time tossing and turning and rearranging the bedsheets than you do sleeping.

You’d think that the solution would be to invest in a ceiling fan. But how are you supposed to drift off to sleep with a noisy ceiling fan? You won’t have to worry about the heat waking you up because you won’t have gone to sleep in the first place!

There is a solution to this however, and that’s to get yourself a whisper quiet ceiling fan.

We’ve been checking out some of the quietest ceiling fans on the market. And after much deliberation we were able to hand-pick our top 5 favorites to show you. Our reviews on these are coming up very shortly.

After that we’ve also got a handy buying guide for you that will walk you through some of the key things to think about before you buy. You can use it as a quick little checklist.

And without further ado…


MINKA-AIRE F864L-HBZ Barn 65 Ceiling Fan with LED Light and DC Motor, Brown Heirloom Bronze Finish

Now, this is a ceiling fan that has the best modern technology can offer. It connects to your home’s wifi, so you can use it in conjunction with either apps on your smartphone or with your Amazon Alexa.

The app is free to download and is available on both Apple and Android operating systems and devices. So you can operate the fan with the tap of an app, or by the sound of your voice. But it also comes with a remote control, just in case.

There’s also additional integration available with SmartThings, Hubitat, Control4, ELAN, and more.

It’s a large fan at 65 inches diameter, capable of cooling down even large bedrooms.

It has a quiet motor, guaranteed not to keep you awake at night, and with 10 blades the sound of the motion of the blades won’t disturb you either. As we discuss in our buying guide, the more blades present, the quieter the fan.

The fan has an inviting look about it yet is also quite modern looking at the same time.

And not only can you change the speed of the blades around the fan, but you can also adjust the brightness of the light too.

It comes with a 6 inch downrod to mount it from your ceiling, but you can use downrods of other sizes if you prefer.

It comes highly recommended, with over 80% of those who’ve bought it rating it at a full 5 stars out of 5.

Customers also rated it highly for several of its features, such as low noise level, how easy it is to install, and how easy to use the remote control is.

Sure it’s expensive, but if you’ve got the budget for it, then why not?


  • Works with Amazon Alexa
  • Works with your smartphone
  • 10 blades for quieter motion
  • The motor is also very quiet
  • Comes highly recommended


  • Premium product at a premium price


reiga 52-in Bright White Large Ceiling Fan with Dimmable LED Light Kit Remote Control Modern 3 Blades Reversible Quiet DC ETL Motor, 6-speed, Timer, for Bedroom Living Room and Patio

If you’re looking for something a little more affordable, then turn your eyes this way.

This is a far more modern looking ceiling fan, and is a lot less pretentious and over the top. It has quite a stark and streamlined appearance.

We think the white version would look best in most bedrooms, but if that’s not for you then there are 5 other color schemes to choose from.

We were very impressed with the fan’s motor - it’s silent. You don’t hear it at all. And there’s no vibration even at top speed.

It’s an average to large size at 52 inches diameter, and will have no problem cooling down most sizes of bedrooms, between 100 and 250 square feet in size.

You have a range of 6 different wind speeds to choose from and you can also adjust the appearance of the accompanying light. You can select a cool white light, a warm white light (my favorite) or a gentle yellow light. Take your pick. All of which can be set with the accompanying remote control.

We also like how you can set it on a timer, for 1, 3, or 6 hours respectively. It’s a great way to keep down energy costs!

The motor is reversible, so you can have the blades moving either way, perhaps circulating cool air in the summer and warmer air in the winter.

It’s relatively easy to install, and you can choose how far down you want the fan to hang, because it comes with 2 downrods, one at 6 inches, and another at 10 inches.

It’s built to last, made with top quality materials such as silicon steel in the motor, with rion housing, and durable ABS blades.

It’s also very energy efficient and will help you to save money on your energy bills, and help the environment too.

It comes backed by a 30 day money back guarantee, and if you’re not happy with it you can get a free replacement or your money back.


  • Looks very striking & modern
  • Motor is completely silent
  • 6 different motor speeds
  • Adjustable lighting
  • Energy efficient


  • Doesn’t hook up to wifi, Alexa, or smartphone apps


ANFERSONLIGHT Crystal Ceiling Fan with Light Home Indoor Quiet Fan Light Reversible Wood Blades Ceiling Fan Chandelier Bedroom Living Room Family Ideal Crystal Fan Light, Silver Color, 52-Inch

Now, this ceiling fan is quite the show stopper!

It’s a ceiling fan and beautiful chandelier all in one, destined to be the centerpiece of whatever room it’s in. It looks so elegant, encapsulating it’s light in stunning crystal housing.

Although the blades are made of wood they have been painted in silver so it doesn’t look out of keeping with the rest of the fixture.

And it’s ultra quiet, with a motor that runs as low as 27 decibels - that’s quieter than a whisper (more on decibels in our buying guide).

It’s of a good size at 52 inches diameter, able to cool down rooms up to 250 square feet in size.

It operates at three different wind speeds, slow, medium. and fast. And you won’t have to get out of bed to change the settings at all. You can simply alter the speed with the touch of a button on the accompanying remote control.

The motion of the fan is reversible, so you can have it moving clockwise in the summer to bring cooler air toward you, or you can have it moving counterclockwise in the winter to replace cooler air with warmer air.

It’s relatively easy to install, and you can choose how far down you want the fan to hang, because it comes with 2 downrods, one at 5 inches, and another at 10 inches.

And the product comes backed by a full 12 month warranty, which is reassuring.


  • Looks elegant & impressive
  • Motor runs at just 27 decibels
  • Operate via remote control
  • 3 different wind speeds
  • Fan motion is reversible


  • Doesn’t hook up to wifi, Alexa, or smartphone apps
    There aren’t so many customer reviews around for this one on the net


Westinghouse Lighting 7234400 Turbo Swirl Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light, 30 Inch, White

This is a beautiful ceiling fan. Sleek and modern - an excellent centerpiece for any bedroom.

It’s available in 3 different color schemes. The white option would look great amongst most styles of bedroom decor. Or if you wanted something a little darker in appearance, you could go for the decadent antique brass option, or the smart brushed aluminum.

We just love the opal frosted glass for the light in the middle. It only takes 4 watts to run the light, but you get a brightness of 500 lumens, and color temperature of 2700 Kelvins, which is what we could call a warm white light. It evokes a very relaxing cosy atmosphere. And the light is dimmable.

It’s a great ceiling fan for smaller bedrooms up to 100 square feet in size, since the fan is only 30 inches in diameter.

There are 6 blades altogether, and as we discuss in our buying guide later, the more blades a fan has, the quieter it generally is.

It also comes highly recommended by customers and is available at an excellent price. At the time of writing this article, it has earned an average Amazon customer rating of a full 5 stars out of 5, with customers praising it for it’s very quiet noise level and how easy it is to install.

We were also impressed with the warranty - you get a lifetime warranty on the motor, combined with a 2 year warranty on all the other parts.


  • Bargain affordable price
  • Looks just gorgeous
  • Perfect for small bedrooms
  • Contemporary & modern
  • Excellent warranty


  • Doesn’t hook up to wifi, Alexa, or smartphone apps


Hunter Fan Dempsey Low Profile Indoor Ceiling Fan with LED Light and Remote Control, Metal, Fresh White, 44 Inch

Now, this ceiling fan comes from one of the biggest names in ceiling fans. A brand that has been around for well over 100 years.

This particular ceiling fan has been selling in its thousands and has made the best seller charts with leading online retailers.

Better yet customer feedback has been very positive. On Amazon for example two thirds of their 2000+ customers rated it at a full 5 stars out of 5. They rated it particularly highly for its quiet noise level and its energy efficiency.

It’s very sleek and modern, and it’s presence won’t detract from the rest of the decor in the room. It’s 44 inches in diameter, which is a good size for medium sized bedrooms.

And you could even fit it in a room with a low ceiling because it doesn’t hang down to low.

The version with the white finish would suit most bedroom decor, or if you prefer you can go for a noble bronze finish if you want something a little darker.

We love the inclusion of the handheld remote control - it means you haven’t got to get out of bed to make any adjustments to the air flow or the lighting.

The motor is whisper quiet, so all you will hear is the gentle movement of the air against the blades.

It comes complete with dimmable LED light bulbs, to let you set the perfect ambience. And if that’s not enough, the bulbs are also energy efficient too!

We love how the motion of the fan is reversible, so you can enjoy the downdraft mode in the hot summer months, and a warmer updraft mode in the cold winter months.

The warranty on it is excellent, with a lifetime warranty for the motor. And it’s available at an excellent price to boot.


  • Top, well established brand
  • Highly recommended bestseller
  • Dimmable LED lighting included
  • The motor is whisper quiet
  • Fan motion is reversible


  • Doesn’t hook up to wifi, Alexa, or smartphone apps

Quietest Ceiling Fans Buying Guide

As promised, here's your buying guide, covering all the key things to think about before you buy.

5 Quietest (Whisper Quiet) Ceiling Fans for Bedroom

Exactly How Quiet Is It?

If you’re a fan of this website you probably already know that sound is measured in decibels, and the greater the number of decibels, the louder the sound.

When shopping for a ceiling fan for the bedroom, you should be looking for one that is much quieter than a standard conversation, which is about 60 decibels. You want the sound of the fan to be closer to that of a whisper, which is about 30 decibels.

Does It Have A Light?

Most ceiling fans these days are meant to replace the room’s central light feature, so will also come with an integrated light. This is such a popular feature that we made sure that all the ceiling fans that made our shortlist also come with a light.

Remote Control

When you’re just about to drop off to sleep it would be counterproductive to say the least to have to get out of bed to switch off the ceiling fan. So to that end you should look for a ceiling fan that comes with a remote control.

Or, better yet, one that can be operated by voice commands, via Alexa.

Number Of Blades

Strangely enough, the more blades a fan has, the quieter it tends to be. So, as a general rule a 4 blade fan will typically be quieter than a 5 blade fan.

But before you go looking for a ceiling fan with the least amount of blades, you also need to consider that more blades means more air being circulated, which means that a 4 blade fan is better than a 3 blade fan for cooling a room down.


Many ceiling fans feature wood-like looking blades which is perfect for a more traditional and rustic look, which is nice. Or you could look for one with white blades for a more modern feel.

You should also consider how well the ceiling fan blends in with the bedroom’s decor that’s already in place, unless you want to give the whole room a makeover.

White ceiling fans tend to work well with most decor, but if you have wooden accents in the room you could compliment this in your ceiling fan.

Ceiling Fan Size

The size of the fixture depends on the size of the room, the bigger the room the bigger the blade size you can go with. But remember you should aim for at least 2 foot clearance from any wall.

A general room of thumb is to go for fans that are 52 inches or larger for any room larger than 300 square feet. But the average size of a house bedroom is just 219 square feet.

How Is It Mounted?

If you have a relatively low ceiling of about, say 8 foot high, then flush mounting would be best, so you don’t risk the fan feeling too close to your head.

For taller ceilings however, you can have downrod mounting, where there’s a bar protruding from the ceiling, dropping the fam downward.

Be sure to check that any mounting hardware is included when you buy your ceiling fan.


Sure in the summer you want to circulate cool air toward you, but if you go for a ceiling fan with a reversible motor, then in the colder months, you can set the fan up to circulate warm air by having the blades move round the other way.


There is one brand in particular that seems to be dominating the market in whisper quiet ceiling fans, and that is Hunter.

We get how reassuring it is to buy from a good, well established brand, so we were sure to include a fan from Hunter in our shortlist of top 5 picks.


If there’s anything that varies in price it’s ceiling fans. You can get some starting from as little as $35, while at the higher end you can expect to pay over $200.

Our advice, as always, is to check the prices as you go along. That way you can make a good, well informed decision of how much your budget should be.