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"There's no shame in enjoying a quiet life. And that's been the realization of the past few years for me."

Daniel Radcliffe

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Everything you need to know to soundproof your home without breaking the bank Did you know that you don’t have to live with road noise? Did you know you don’t have to put up with your noisy neighbors keeping you up all night or the sound of your kids playing interrupting your zoom meetings? It’s

A Complete Guide To Soundproofing Your House

If you react to every barking dog, if you stop for every barking dog, you’re never getting home – John Calipari  Dogs bark, it’s what they do. They bark when they’re happy, they bark when they’re sad, they bark when they see other dogs and when you come home. And they bark when someone unexpectedly

How To Soundproof A Dog Crate

Trading the sweltering weather for a headache? It doesn’t have to be that Way! When those scorching summer days come around, thank the lord we have window AC units to bring in some sweet, sweet cool air, and save us from a puddly fate, à la the Wicked Witch of the West. But, as I’m

How To Soundproof A Window AC Unit

If you are performing in a group and want to make sure you are being as safe as possible then you should consider purchasing a soundproof mask. Thick in texture while still leaving plenty of space for you to breathe, soundproof masks prevent any droplets from spreading and also protect you from any disease as

Best Soundproof Masks For Singing

Sound travels quite far, and in an empty room, even the slightest noise or movement can be heard very clearly. While this is something that is not a problem as such, it can be frustrating if you are recording something that requires the equipment to focus on specific sounds.  The echoing and the background noise

How To Make Sound Absorption Panels (DIY)

The tinny noise of rain hitting metal is as soothing as it is irritating. This is even more apparent when the sound is bouncing around your own house. In the majority of modern housing, metal roofs are becoming the most sought after choice. They are even becoming common amongst those simply seeking to replace an

How To Soundproof A Metal Roof